British abortion rights group expands to Malta

Representational Image. Photo by lucia on Unsplash

In a bid to help the women in travelling for safe and legal access for abortion, a British abortion rights group has now expanded to Malta. The Abortion Support Network plans to help the Maltese women by giving them advice about the safest and cheapest ways to access an abortion. The network also plans to help the women financially to cover their travelling costs.

The move found support from local women’s rights organizations. “We have been providing our services to Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man for almost 10 years and have an excellent network of donors, volunteers and supporters who believe that ‘I can’t afford an abortion’ should never be the only reason someone becomes a parent,” ASN founder Mara Clarke was quoted as saying by LovinMalta.

Abortion is completely outlawed in Malta making it impossible for women to opt for it. The ASN will also provide funding to the women seeking counselling or consultation from leading British abortion provider, British Pregnancy Advisory Service. Meanwhile, they also urged Malta to change the law and provide safe and legal abortion options to women within the country.

Lara Dimitrijevic, director of Women’s Rights Foundation – an organization which has also demanded legalization of abortion in Malta – stated: “These services will alleviate to a great extent the discriminatory and cruel situation women in Malta are forced to live in. By abrogating itself from its duties and responsibilities, the state forces women to find their own way to acquire health and support they need.”

The entry of Abortion Support Network in Malta has helped in boosting the morale of other women’s rights organizations working towards the same cause in the country. The Women’s Rights Foundation also stated that it will help the women in accessing the support by ASN. Meanwhile, the fight for legalization of abortion in Malta continues.