Liveability index finds Malta 34th best country for women

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According to a liveability index, Malta has been ranked 34th best country for women in 2019. Also, the country has been ranked second best in terms of women’s health. Norway was ranked number one out of the 100 countries whose data was analysed on the basis of work balance, infrastructure, legislation, etc.

Nestpick, an aggregator for long-term furnished apartment rentals, carried out the study. Malta scored a total of 7.036 out of 10. The country scored highest in health, i.e. 9.51 but a dismal 0 in abortion legality. Abortion is strictly prohibited by law in Malta, however, women’s rights groups have been demanding a change in the law.

Recently, Abortion Support Group also made inroads in Malta followed by MEP candidate Mina Tolu demanding a “respectful debate on the issue”. Apart from health and abortion legality, the other indicators used were safety score, the gender wage gap, living standard score, length of maternity leaves, etc.

The two countries that followed Norway and secured second and third positions are Sweden and Canada respectively. Canada also came first in the health, safety, and education infrastructure categories.

“The index’s categories included factors such as domestic violence rates, female life expectancy, contraceptive prevalence and female literacy rates. Female sanitary product tax rates, human trafficking and divorce laws are also factored in,” states Malta Today in an article.

The oldest and biggest democratic countries in the world, USA and India, could not make it to the top 20 in the list. Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Ireland, Slovenia, Austria, and Estonia came fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth respectively. Australia, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom also made it to the top 20.