Malta beat Lithuania in UEFA Under-19 Mini Tournament

Maltese Football Team

It was a day full of celebrations for the Maltese football fans as the local team beat Lithuania on the final day of UEFA Under-19 Mini Tournament which was being played at the Centenary Stadium.

The Maltese team missed a few chances during the first half and Lithuania maintained a lead. However, the local boys turned the game around by their splendid performance during the second half and closed with a victory.

Coach Winston Muscat decided to field the same 11 players for the match who played in the first match of the tournament against France. Lithuania scored a goal during the first half of the game and Malta remained at zero.

However, at the start of second half, Santariano scored a goal bring the scores to an equal. From there, Maltese boys started to take control of the game while Santariano missed an opportunity to score another goal.

The team took a lead on 64th minute of the game when a goal was scored by Marcus Grima. During the last 10 minutes of the game, Lithuania tried hard to make a comeback in the game but the local team showed an impressive gameplay.