Malta population rises by 18.2 % since 2011

Representational Image. Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

The population of Malta has grown by 18.2 % since the year 2011 when the last census was conducted, as reported by Malta Independent.

This means that the total population which has been added since 2011 is 76,127. This is being seen as one of the fastest population growth trends in Malta so far.

The total population of the island country was 417,432 in 2011. This number has now increased to 493,559 out of which 33,388 people live in Gozo.

As per the official data, the population in Gozo increased only by 6.4 & but the mail island saw a rapid increase of 19 %.

On the main island, the northern region has witnessed the sharpest increase with St. Paul’s Bay seeing its population nearly doubled since 2011.

On the contrary, the southern regions have seen some decline in the population.

“Indeed, the capital city has seen the most significant decrease since 1901 with 5,827 people now living there compared to a peak of 23,006 in 1911 – a decrease of 74.7%. There were similar decreases from the peak populations – which were registered in 1911 for Cospiqua and Senglea and in 1931 for Floriana and Birgu – in the other localities: 67.4% in Floriana, 66.8% in Senglea, 62.1% in Vittoriosa, and 57.5% in Cospiqua,” Malta Independent said in its report.

There are a number of other localities which have witnessed a sharp decline in their population. However, the analysis does not explore the reasons for this trend.