Air Malta controversy: Union body asks pilots to boycott any events

Source: Flickr

With the growing friction between Air Malta airline and its employees, the union body – ALPA- has advised all the pilots to stay away from any events organized by the company.

This new development is a result of the tussle between the two parties ever since the union’ demand for assuring two-third salary for the pilots until the age of retirement in case the airline fails.

“Following recent developments where the company curtailed pilots’ rights for industrial action through the Courts of Law, even though Industrial Action was in line with the CLA, ALPA is refraining from participating in any voluntary events sponsored by the company,” the union body said in a statement.

The Injunction is still in effect and ALPA is being withheld from exercising its power to protect its members’ rights. Therefore we are boycotting these events as organised by the company, until further notice,” it added,

Air Malta employees and the airline have been at the loggerheads ever since Ryanair announced the launch of its new airline called Malta Air. With competitive pricing and a similar name, Air Malta employees fear that the airline might be closed down in the coming future.

Meanwhile, Air Malta has approached the court and filed an application to stop the ALPA members from taking any ‘illegal’ or ‘prejudiced’ action against the airline.