Eurobarometer: More than half of Malta population trusts the government

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According to the Eurobarometer survey, 58 per cent of the Maltese population has trust in their government, a five per cent decrease since last year.

In comparison to the EU average, Maltese trust their government more than the other countries. The EU average is 34 per cent.

Out of the remaining 52 per cent, 26 per cent stated that they do not trust their government. In addition, 53 per cent of the population stated that they trust Parliament.

Malta ranked higher in this aspect too as the EU average for trust in national Parliament stood at 34 per cent. However, when it comes to trust in media, the Maltese population is more sceptical.

While 64 per cent people in Malta stated that they do not trust their media, the EU average was 57 per cent. At the same time, 33 per cent of the Maltese population trusts the political parties.

Another area where Maltese ranked less than the EU average is their trust in the national justice system. While the EU average was 52 per cent, only 48 per cent Maltese said they trust the justice system in their country.

In terms of trust in police, 65 per cent of the Maltese population expressed their trust. The EU average for the same is 72 per cent.

The Eurobarometer survey covers different aspects of life and brings out the results by asking various questions. Based on the responses, the results are published for all the EU countries showing what the people living in there think about their country and the European Union on the whole.