Eurostat report reveals 14 % people in Malta are not country’s citizens

Malta- Train System
Malta- Train System

A report by Eurostat has revealed that close to 14 per cent people in Malta do not have Maltese citizenship. This is because these people either hold citizenship of some other European Union country or of a non-EU country.

The publication called ‘People on the Move’ found that the EU average for 2019 stood at 92.2 per cent. This means that out of 512 million persons in EU, 7.8 per cent are not citizens of the country they are living in.

On an average, 3.4 per cent people have citizenship of some other EU country and the remaining belong to a non-EU country. Luxembourg has the highest population of foreigners living on its soil as only 52.1 per cent were recorded as the country’s citizens.

Malta is on the sixth position in the list. In the year 2017, 1,973 individuals from different countries were granted Maltese citizenship. In total, about one million people were granted citizenship by different EU countries.

Malta is also among the top countries that have been able to provide employment to people with citizenship of another member state.

Apart from this, the data showed that there are 613 cars in Malta for every 1,000 people. This means that Malta is in the third position in terms of the number of cars per 1,000 inhabitants.
This is because a large majority of people, i.e. 82.6 per cent prefer passenger cars as a mode of transport. Remaining 17.5 per cent opt for buses.

In addition, the total number of air passengers in Malta in the year 2017 was a little over six million.