Government working tirelessly to repair Malta’s image: Finance Minister

Malta Finance Minister Edward Scicluna on Wednesday said that their government is working to repair the image of the Island nation because of the propaganda has sullied its image around the world.

Scicluna was speaking at a public consultation meeting ahead of next month’s Budget when he said that he could not go anywhere without being asked about the corruption in Malta.

“It’s not just international bodies like the International Monetary Fund and credit rating agencies, even if I’m in a taxi in South America I get asked about the situation and have to explain,” Times of Malta quoted him as saying.

“Unfortunately this was started by fellow Maltese. They were followed by others with an agenda against Malta. However, the truth always comes out, and the truth is starting to come out on this too,” Scicluna added.

The Finance Minister then went on to add that his government was working to reverse the damage that has been done to Malta’s image. Although, he stated, that it is a time taking and difficult process.

He also stated that the findings by recent studies had shown that Malta was performing well when it came to good governance and transparency. He said that the country was doing better than other EU states in reducing tax evasion.

The Finance Minister also answered the questions put forward by the members and public present at the event.