Malta among six EU countries to register increase in greenhouse gas emissions

Representational image. Photo by Alexander Popov on Unsplash

In a report published by the European Environment Agency, Malta, it has been found that Malta is among the only six countries in the European Union which registered an increase in the emission of greenhouse gases in comparison to 1990.

The rest of the member countries successfully decreased their greenhouse emissions over the past three decades. The total decrease in greenhouse emissions in the EU stood at 23.5 percent (1,327 million tonnes). On the other hand, Malta saw an increase of 2.3 percent.

Emissions of the greenhouse gases are impacted by various factors including population size, transport, climate change, etc. According to another report, Malta saw the second highest increase in emission from 2017 to 2018.

According to a report in Times of Malta, the reasons attributed to this increase in emissions specific to Malta include dependence on heavy fuel oil for energy production and transport.

This is liked to the fact that Malta is the only country in EU which could not reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide, a residue of fuel combustion in cars. In 2017, Malta registered the highest increase in greenhouse emissions in the EU.

Meanwhile, other EU countries have been able to decrease their emission levels owing to the various factors like the use of clean energy, structural changes in the economy, and economic recession.