Malta might become like Middle East, says climate change researcher

Photo for representational purpose. Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

Climate change is no more an impending threat, it is here and the devastating impacts are absolutely evident. Last June was recorded as the hottest month ever on earth and things are expected to get worse in future.

The pace and extent at which the problem is manifesting itself, it is a warning sign for the whole of humanity.

According to a post-doctoral fellow with the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics, James Ciarlo, a study of the neighbouring regions of Malta suggests that the island country might become like middle east in future.

Ciarlo’s initial study suggests that the climate in Malta may become arider having a potentially negative impact on the ecosystem and human population.

“It is well established now in the scientific community that the first effect of climate change is the increase in frequency and intensity of temperature-related extremes,” he was quoted as saying by Times of Malta.

With longer and more intense periods of heat, I expect an increasingly negative impact on agriculture, the natural ecosystem – already threatened by continuous development – and probably human health,” he added.

The climate change impact is also showing in Malta with the country witnessing record temperatures in June and also being hit by the worst storm in decades in the month of February.

According to reports, this June was the hottest in 96 years. The rains are becoming less frequent and increasing in intensity. This means that the country might have to deal with longer periods of drought followed by storm conditions.

According to Ciarlo, these events are going to become more frequent as time passes. The island country is expected to witness another heatwave spell in the coming weeks.