Maltese government plans rail system to fight the traffic problems

Malta- Train System
Malta- Train System

The people of Malta have been facing traffic-related problems because of an increasing number of vehicles that are taking to the road everyday. The lack of infrastructural solutions to accommodate these vehicles is a leading cause of traffic snarls at various locations across the small island country.

However, the Maltese government led by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has decided to change things for good. If reports are to be believed then it is certain that the government is planning to build a metro rail or monorail network to decongest the roads and fight the traffic woes.

Transport Minister Ian Borg was quoted as saying by Lovin Malta: “Studies are at an advanced level and we are already drawing up potential solutions. The government has not yet committed itself to a particular proposal, but will publish the expert report for public consultation when the time is right.”

Ian’s statement that the studies are at an advanced stage might mean that the government is planning to introduce the rail network in near future. The building of a rail network to work as an alternative to road transport was also a big issue during the last elections as the Nationalist Party had also promised to work upon it.

As per Lovin Malta’s report, the London-based engineering and consultancy firm, Arup, has been given the responsibility of carrying out the study. Arup has reportedly been involved in major projects across the world like Apple Headquarters in Silicon Valley, Etihad Stadium, Sydney Opera House and The London Eye.

The photograph of Malta Tube Map designed by Jonathan Galea was also posted on the website. This shows that the Labour Party is planning to deliver on its promise of building a rail network soon. However, there has been no official communication or statement from the government authorities about the tentative time it will take to begin of construction.

The government had also ordered a feasibility study in 2014 by a Chinese State company to check the possibility of the introduction of a monorail system in Malta. The information regarding the plan was first made public through an EU document that was published in Brussels at the end of 2014. Reportedly, Malta sought funds worth €1.6 billion from the EU and the European Investment Bank to carry out the project.

Meanwhile, the latest report shows that the project which is being in discussion and research stage since the last three or four years might be ready to see the light of the day soon.