MEP candidate Mina Tolu calls for respectful debate on abortion

Representational Image. Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

After the entry of Abortion Support Network in Malta, MEP candidate uploaded a video on Facebook calling for a “respectful debate’ on the issue of abortion in the country. She also lashed out at political parties and leaders who were not in favour of openly discuss abortion issue.

Tolu asserted that avoiding the discussion will only lead to reinforcement of the taboo in Maltese society. “Leaving the discussion to the comment boards and Twitter posts will not create a positive discussion, and this will harm people,” she added.

She criticized the political parties and said that their stand to not discuss abortion was unacceptable. Adding to this, she also said that she was ready to have a non-judgemental and respectful debate on the subject in public or in private.

Tolu’s call was supported by many but it also received some backlash from conservative groups. Alternattiva Demokratika (AD) also distanced itself from her comments and reaffirmed its stand on abortion. However, it extended support to the call of a debate on the issue.

“Contrary to what is being stated by some, in online comments, AD wishes to clarify that its position on abortion remains the same it has it always has been, against,” AD stated. A strong reaction came from former party leader Arnold Cassola who called on the party to disassociate itself from Tolu’s comments.

Both Tolu and AD are now being attacked by anti-abortion groups online. Gift of Life, an anti-abortion group in Malta shared an article regarding Tolu’s comment with this description: “Is the culture of death alive in kicking in some parties? You judge!”

The MEP candidate’s comment comes at a time when ABN has now entered Malta to help women in accessing safe, cheap, and legal options for abortion. Other women’s rights groups and pro-abortion groups have also welcomed the entry of ABN in Malta and have extended their support for the cause.