Rescue vessel with 65 migrants heads to Malta

Photo: Sea Eye (Twitter)

Rescue Vessel Alan Kurdi with 65 migrants on board was denied entry into Italian territory following which it is not headed towards Malta. The vessel has requested Malta to provide a safe port.

The vessel is owned by a German NGO and had rescued the migrants off the Libyan coast on Friday. It ferried them out of there as the country is going through a phase of internal conflict.

It is expected that Alan Kurdi – the rescue vessel – will reach Malta by Sunday afternoon. “In the evening, the #AlanKurdi changed its course towards Malta. We can not wait until the state of emergency prevails. Now it has to be proven whether the European governments stand by Italy’s attitude. Human lives are not a bargaining chip,” the NGO had tweeted.

Lambasting the Italian authorities, Gorden Isler, head of mission on the Alan Kurdi, said that it was unacceptable that the migrants were put into a life-threatening situation after they were rescued.

“We support the efforts of our sea rescue colleagues who have brought the people ashore in Italy. The decision to go to Lampedusa was the right one… It is now time for us to free Europe from the captivity by the Italian Minister of the Interior. If the heads of state and governments are serious about their criticism of the Italian interior minister, they can let us enter in Malta. Both, the rescuees and the crew could land there safely. German Interior Minister Seehofer could promise at short notice to take in the rescued persons and distribute them to some of the supportive communities that have already agreed to take them in,” he was quoted as saying by Malta Today.

The vessel has been named after migrant child Aylan Kurdi whose deceased body was found washed ashore causing furore across the world and bringing the attention of people towards the migrant crisis in the middle east.