Survey shows trust in Malta government highest in European Union

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According to a latest survey by Eurobarometer, the percentage of people who trust the government of Malta has increased by 12 points since spring to reach 63 percent. This number is the highest among all the European Union countries.

After the survey results came out on December 21, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat took to Twitter and said: “Latest Eurobarometer shows amongst all EU citizens, the Maltese are the most convinced about direction of their country (68%) and have highest trust in Government (63%). Malta families state they are doing well (92%), jobs (94%) and economy (95%) are also in good shape.”

Apart from the government, the trust in Maltese Parliament has also rose by 17 points to reach 59 percent. On the other hand, the number of people who said they do not trust the parliament went down by 13 points. While the number of people who said they trusted the political parties went up by 10 points, the percentage still remained low.

A total of 36 percent said they trust the political parties and a majority of 54 percent stated that they don’t. A similar trend of increase in trust was seen in other areas as well – namely legal system, police, etc.

The Eurobarometer survey covers different aspects of life and brings out the results by asking various questions. Based on the responses, the results are published for all the EU countries showing what the people living in there think about their country and the European Union on the whole.