The other side: Edward Scicluna replies on money laundering allegations.

Malta comes under the European Union for citizenship matters, being a free economy, it’s getting too much attention in the worse way possible. Malta has been alleged for money laundering, which if you care to look through, will figure out, money launderers usually allege countries who don’t follow their way.

The case of money laundering comes as a great threat to a countries reputation, and for what Malta offers, if you are actually looking to be its citizen, shouldn’t care about it. Malta is offering citizenship by investments, Malta is an open economy where you can freely trade the world’s future currencies, cryptocurrencies.

The tax rates in Malta also makes money launderer’s ego hurt, for they weren’t accepted to the truly ‘free’ country. This could very well be the reason for these falsified and planned allegations upon Malta.

Finance minister Edward Scicluna has given an official statement for support on European commission’s report on ‘citizenships for sale’ which would soon be released, he has also clarified that ‘all’ these allegations were unfounded and baseless, confirmed after a 15-month extensive investigation.