Unemployment rate continues to fall in Malta

Unemployment rate goes down in Malta

After the latest data provided by Jobsplus the month of August, it has been noted that the unemployment rate in Malta has reduced further. As compared to the same month in 2017, the unemployment rate has seen a considerable fall of more than 28 percent. This can be seen as a major achievement for the government and other authorities.

The number of people registering for work in August was 1787 which, as per the Jobsplus data, indicates a decline of 570 registrations in part 1 and 132 registrations in part 2 of the unemployment register.

As reported by the National Statistics Office, the decrease in unemployment has been witnessed for all the age groups and categories. However, the category of people who were registering for less than 21 weeks saw the largest decrease.

With this new set of data, the April 2018 unemployment rate in Malta stood at 0.9 percent of the total labour supply – 1 percent for men and 0.7 percent for the women. The unemployment rate has been declining rapidly since 2015 making Malta one of the best among European countries.

While Malta is one of the best performing countries in EU and the world when it comes to unemployment rate, other countries are also picking up pace. However, it is still a good news for all the Maltese people as it means that only a small fraction of those seeking work in the country remain unemployed.