Another big step in blockchain sector as University of Malta launches €300,000 scholarship fund

Blockchain scholarship funds

In a positive development for the students in Malta who are willing to pursue their studies in the blockchain, the University of Malta in partnership with Malta Information Technology Agency has launched a Blockchain Scholarship Fund of €300,000. According to reports, the money from this fund will be made available to the students who specialize in Finance, Engineering, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and Law.

The decision to set up a scholarship fund was taken after an agreement was signed between the University of Malta and Malta Informational Technology Agency. This is being seen as a major step which will help the blockchain and education sector in Malta. The students who will be starting their higher studies in these areas from the next academic year can avail the benefit of Blockchain Scholarship Fund.

The Maltese government has taken significant steps to create a suitable environment within the country for blockchain industry to prosper. As a result of these policies, world’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency companies are now moving base to the small island country. Malta will also be introducing cryptocurrency ATMs as a part of its policy to strengthen the blockchain infrastructure.

This new step has been taken to escalate the process of companies investing in Malta and also attracting more firms. “These companies need technical resources both to build and to operate by use of this technology, as well as experts in financial services, law and managerial roles. We look forward to see the first Maltese occupying these important and well-paid roles whilst also hoping that these will expand considerably in the future as the industry continues to grow here in Malta,” Junior Minister for digital economy, Silvio Schembri was quoted as saying by CCN.

Apart from this, the University of Malta will also take the initiative to review the existing degree and Master’s programmes in Finance, ICT and Law to make them suitable to the new environment by adding units related to blockchain, cryptocurrency, distributed ledger technology, etc. On the other hand, Malta Information Technology Agency is reportedly working with other universities, colleges and public sector agencies to familiarize the students and professionals with the latest technology.

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