Eurospin to enter Maltese market, up against Lidl and other giants

Lidl store (representational image). Source: Wikipedia

One of the biggest supermarket stores in Italy – Eurospin – is planning to enter Malta and will open 12 stores in the island country.

According to a report in Malta Today, the low-cost retail goods seller will be opening four stores in Malta. Eurospin currently runs 1000 stores in Italy and another 62 in Slovenia.

Malta is the second overseas market for Eurospin and will be competing against some of the major players like Lidl and SPAR International.

The country already has various discount giants competing against each other for the market share but Lidl takes the lead in terms of volume of sales.

SPAR International was the last retail group which entered Malta and plans to open a total of 23 stores by the end of 2025.

Eurospin was founded in the year 1993 and captured 33 per cent of the discounted goods market in Italy in 2016.

The supermarket chain will face the biggest competition from Lidl which is currently preferred by a large number of Maltese people for their shopping needs.

Lidl had entered Malta in 2005 after it received a €13 million loan from the European Investment Bank. It currently operates 10,000 stores across Europe.