FRVR: Malta’s leading gaming company.


FRVR is leading games publishing company based out of Malta. Recently FRVR has raised $3 million from Accel partners for HTML5 cross-platform games. With games like Basketball FRVR which has been played more than 5.2 billion times in its pocket, the company is poised to reach even greater heights.

We are excited to get Brian, CEO FRVR, to share is experience and advice with us.

1. What is something you’ve learned that you lean on daily?

Communication. Every successful human endeavour comes down to good communication.

Good communication works between people who have different levels of expertise and different contexts of understanding.

I worked for a phone support hotline in my early University days, and the experience of helping non-technical people fix their own computers over the telephone really helped me being able to communicate clearly. It also made me able to spot when people are misunderstanding each other due to different frames of reference.

That is tremendously useful when you’re working with teams of people.

Every successful human endeavour comes down to good communication.


2. One piece of advice for people who are starting a company.

You should start with:

  1. A very narrow and clear focus
  2. A very clear idea of what success for your company looks like, and
  3. Well defined metrics you use to track the progress towards that success.

And then be disciplined about sticking to it and work hard.

3. What small change has made a big difference in your life?

7 minutes of daily kettlebell workouts. Solved all my office-work induced back and neck problems. Made me more physically robust and overall happier and healthier with pretty minimal effort.

4. What are you reading these days?

I’m on a scifi binge right now. Just finished Robogenesis by Daniel Wilson, now I’m reading Gnomon by Nick Harkaway. After that I’m going to re-read The Peripheral by William Gibson.

5. What is something you don’t know but you wish you knew?

The entire existing body of AI research papers. There’s a lot of research and it’s expanding rapidly, and it’s interesting – but it’s not exactly light vacation reading.

6. What are the future plans with FRVR? The areas you would want to focus?

We’re pushing FRVR towards becoming a world-leading game company in the post-app store market.

Our games will be on every platform, everywhere, and never more than 3 clicks away from any player.

Our focus is pushing onto many new platforms with many new games.

We want to be absolutely everywhere with uncomplicated, immediately engaging games.

7. Why Malta as the choice of operations?

I love the ocean – swimming, scuba diving, sailing, you name it. So I decided to move to a place me and my family enjoyed spending our time, and where we could enjoy life more. As it turns out, it’s also a great place to build a company, so we decided to set up FRVR headquarters in Malta.

We just moved into our new offices in Bugibba, and now enjoy a beautiful ocean view as a backdrop while growing FRVR into a world leading brand.

Advice from Brian, CEO FRVR