Tech in Malta: Here are the top startups you should check out

Startups in Malta

Tech in Malta: Here are the top startups you should check out

The world is going through a phase of a technological revolution where experiments in the digital area are solving a number of problems. This has encouraged creative and tech-savvy people around the world to put their efforts into creating something new and coming up with unique startup ideas. The startup culture has brought a change in the lives of millions of people across the world and has also created millionaires.

Some of the biggest examples are the e-commerce websites like Amazon and Alibaba which started small but today have a global influence. In Malta, the startup ecosystem has been thriving and continuously growing over the last decade. Today, the country is home to several innovative startups that are impacting innumerable lives. At the same time, a number of ideas are also waiting to find the right platform.

Here are some of the best startups in Malta that you should definitely check out:


Giving a chance to all the music lovers in Malta to come together and collaborate for creating something amazing, Kwaver is using the technology in the right way. A mobile platform, Kwaver allows musicians to record their music on the platform and then allows other musicians to record over it. This way, a bunch of talented individuals who play different instruments can come together and create something beautiful without having to travel long distances or spending too much money on recording and editing. Kwaver is ideal for those who have an idea but not the capability to produce an entire song.


The idea of ride-sharing or cab aggregation has been a major success in most of the countries. In Malta, it becomes more important because of the traffic issues the country has been facing. While the government is working towards bringing long-term solutions, initiatives like Bumalift are also helping in a big way. The platform allows drivers to list where they are going and others can join them without having to pay anything. This means more people are sharing rides and helping others, and it is all free. A revolutionary idea indeed. No?


As the name suggests, Karmafy is all about collecting good Karma while you play games on your mobile. Every player earns points by playing games on the platform and winning challenges. These points are then converted into money which is given away to a charity of their choice. Karmafy also helps game developers in different ways and is currently collaborating with more than two dozens charities across the world. 


An app created by a student, for the students – FreeHour has a simple yet very important purpose – it helps the students in finding out who is free at what time. Basically, the app allows students to share their timetables and then helps them with finding out if their friends are free when they are. All a student has to do is to use their Facebook account to log into the app and then share their timetable. They will start finding out common frees immediately. The app can be used by all the students in Malta and is also completely free of cost.

These are some of the most amazing and unique startup ideas that have originated from Malta. However, this does not mean that Malta doesn’t have any other interesting startups. In fact, the list is long. We will try to tell you more about other startups in our next article. For now, share with your friends to tell them about these amazing startups.