Air Malta an airline that successive governments have been proud of: PM

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that the 20th anniversary of the completion of Air Malta’s services to Prague was another milestone for the airline. He further added that successive governments have been proud of the national airline.

Muscat was speaking at the commemoration event at Corinthia Hotel in Prague where he said that 20 years anniversary meant that the airline had serviced on the route for nearly half of its age.

“We, as government consider Air Malta to be part of the island’s critical infrastructure, not only intended to facilitate travel to and from Malta, but to act as a vital bridge to the rest of the continent and beyond. And this is why, we have a very clear vision for this airline to have a bright future,” Muscat was quoted as saying by Malta Independent.

He added that over the past few years, the Maltese government has taken various initiatives to improve the performance of the airline by adding new routes, increasing the number of flights, and flying to new destinations.

The airline, for the first time, registered profits after having incurred losses for 18 years. Muscat asserted that the government will focus on sustaining Air Malta’s premium and business-class services and continue operating on the medium-haul routes such as Mumbai in India, New York in the US, and African region.

During his address, the Prime Minister also highlighted that tourism under his government had managed to contribute a large share to country’s revenues even after going through a major restructuring process.

“This implies that tourism has kept in step with economic growth rather than losing ground in the face of alternative services sectors. This is why as a government, even with the help of Air Malta, we must ensure this sector’s sustainability. This is even more relevant in the case of small destinations like Malta and Gozo, where the issue of sustainable tourism development has a very huge bearing,” he added, according to Malta Independent.

The event was attended by various dignitaries including Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi and Air Malta Chairman Dr Charles Mangion. The two also addressed the gathering at the event.