Air traffic continues to grow at Malta Airport, increases by 9.5% in August

Air travel in Malta
Air travel in Malta increases. Image by

The Malta International Airport continues to maintain an upward trend when it comes to Air Traffic as the landing and take-off of the flights on the airport increased by 9.5 percent in August as compared to the last year. The passenger movement at Malta Airport reached 759,547 in August, the highest so far. This puts Malta among some of the biggest countries in the world which have witnessed a high increase in Air Traffic. For example, Italy saw an increase of 16.2 %, the United Kingdom at 12.1 % and Spain’s Air Traffic increased by a whopping 30 %.

The increase in Air Traffic and passenger movement is a proof of that more and more people are now visiting Malta as tourists and also for business purposes. This further helps the tourism economy and adds to the revenues earned by the country. Concerted efforts by the current government have led to this continuous increase over the last year and it is expected that the air traffic will continue to grow in the same fashion in the future.

In Malta, the Air Traffic has seen a rapid growth over the last few years and the percentage of increase reached a record -high of 22.4 % in November in 2016. The results came after some changes were made to the flights operating in Malta and steps were taken to upgrade the facilities at the airport too.

“The upward trend in passenger movements observed over the past years stems from our efforts to secure the best connections for Malta. While we are now operating with our 100-destination summer schedule, with 16 routes extended into winter and increased capacity on a number of other routes, the outlook for the upcoming season remains positive,” said Alan Borg, Malta Airport CEO while addressing a press conference.

The Malta International Airport also announced that a total of 6.77 million passengers were expected to pass through the terminal by the end of 2018. If achieved, this would mean an increase of 13 % when compared with the last year. The projection was made after the Traffic in the first half of 2018 grew at a higher rate than what was expected by the authorities.

As part of the Maltese Government and Ministry of Tourism’s growth plans for the airport, the company was privatized after which it is now going to witness the biggest operational investment. The company is planning a project to develop a new parking area for the aircrafts – a move that will help increase the flight movement at Malta Airport significantly.

Minister of Tourism Konrad Mizzi also expressed his satisfaction over the increase in Air Traffic and stated that the government will continue its efforts for increasing the connectivity of Malta International Airport. The Malta Tourism Authority chairman Dr Gavin Gulia also said that they will continue their active collaboration with Malta International Airport to further improve the tourism infrastructure in the country.