Four things you should definitely do in Malta

Photo: Pixabay

The small island country is known for its cultural heritage and beautiful beaches. The combination offers a wholesome experience for the travellers who are looking for leisure time.

Every year, a huge number of tourists from the EU and across the world visit Malta to soak in the beauty of this archipelago. Over the years, the Maltese government has also made necessary changes to increase tourism and earn more revenues.

If you are in Malta, here are the four things that you must do:

Explore the Islands

Malta is blessed with abundant beauty when it comes to exotic beaches. Three of the biggest islands, Malta, Gozo, and Camino, are inhabited by people and it is fairly easy to travel to all three.

To visit Gozo, one can take a ferry which operates throughout the day and night and takes only 25 minutes of travel time. Gozo is the second most populated island in Maltese archipelago.

Tourists can relax at the beaches, spend quality time at different cafes, or even try some adventure sports. The famous Azure Window used to be one of the major attractions of Gozo before it collapsed into the waters.

Similarly, the third island, Camino, is accessible from both Malta and Gozo through local ferry or private boats. This island has the smallest number of inhabitants and also has only one hotel.

This is why Camino serves as the ideal place for those looking for peace and calm on a warm and sunny day.

Get awestruck by the ancient ruins

Due to its strategic location in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta has been ruled by different empires and nations throughout its history. This has had a huge impact on the country’s heritage and architecture.

It is home to three UNESCO’s world heritage sites and its capital Valetta is declared as a protected cultural site. The country also has a number of ancient megalithic temples that date back to somewhere between 4000 and 3000 BC.

One of the heritage sites is an ancient cemetery located in the Maltese hills. Visitors can explore these places and take a dip into one of the most vibrant historical locations in the world.

Walk the heritage streets

As mentioned before, Malta has seen the influence of different civilizations and empires on its history. Its capital city, Valetta, is one of the richest historical places in the world.

Tourists can walk through the streets of Valetta and admire the beautiful architecture of the city. The iconic St. John’s Co-Cathedral is a must-visit place.

At night, the city comes alive with music playing inside its different beautiful cafes. This city has something to offer to everyone at any hour of the day.

Live the Hollywood star life

Malta has been a popular destination for filmmakers from Hollywood for decades. Some of the most iconic movies like Pirates of Carribean have been shot here.

The popular TV show Game of Thrones was also shot in Malta and some of these sites are today accessible to the tourists.

So, if you have been a fan of Hollywood movies and shows like Game of Thrones and want to visit the iconic places that are shown in these visual marvels, Malta is the place for you.

So, these are the four things that you should definitely do when you visit Malta. If you are planning a trip to the EU, don’t forget to add Malta to your list.