Ghadira Reserve in Malta: A must go place for all bird watchers

Ghadira Reserve in Malta

Bird watching is a popular activity among nature and wildlife lovers. The idea of observing the birds as they make a stop at some points accessible to humans while migrating from one place to the other attracts thousands of people to Malta every year.

The Ghadira Nature Reserve in Malta is a heaven for all the bird watchers. The wetland spread across this seven acre reserve welcomes over 140 species of migrating birds every year. The reserve is closed for public during the summers but this year a rare happening persuaded the authorities to open it up for one day.

Unlike before, 10 flamingos stopped at Ghadira Reserve for rest during their journey. This is the highest number of flamingos that have come to this place one go. Looking at this, Birdlife Malta decided to celebrate August 9 as Flamingo Day.

According to a report by Times of Malta, hundreds of people visited the place to admire the flamingos. The place was packed with people and everyone tried to take a picture of the birds. Out of the 10 birds, only two are full grown adults and the rest are newly-hatched babies.

It was also a rare sight to see so many grey colored flamingo babies along with two pink colored adults. Even after a large number of people got a chance to visit the reserve, there were still requests pouring in from across Malta to open the venue for another day.

Birdlife Malta has decided to reopen on August 11 and anyone who missed the chance to be there on Thursday can make a visit on Saturday. This occasion also comes at a time when Maltese government is working hard to attract more tourists from different countries.

The island country can be an ideal choice for many across the world during the summers and with such rare opportunities to watch exotic birds, Malta can hope to see more birdwatchers visiting the country in the future.