Green Malta: Now a park to be built over regional road

Environment Minister Jose Herrera. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Environment Minister Jose Herrera has announced that a park will be built over the regional road after the Santa Venera tunnels. The minister said that the Maltese government has invested a lot in the greening of non-urban areas and it was important to replicate the same in urban areas.

“A tunnel should have been built over there, but instead Santa Venera was split in two at great prejudice to its residents. Not only have Santa Venera residents been denied open spaces, but they have to deal with a lot of air contamination and noise due to the traffic,” he was quoted as saying by Lovin Malta.

Herrera told the media that the project, which will be undertaken jointly by the Environment Ministry and Transport Ministry, will cost over €20 million.

In addition, the government is also planning to publish a draft law to allow the Planning Authority and the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) to implement greening projects in urban areas on a large scale.

“In my opinion, environmental spaces should be accessible. This doesn’t mean they should include shops and commercial activities but that they should be areas where families can go for a picnic,” Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said.

He talked about the importance of providing open spaces for the people of Malta to relax. Talking about the positive growth of the Maltese economy, Muscat said that it was important to focus on other priorities too apart from economic progress.

As part of its environmental initiatives, the government has also announced the creation of an 8000-tree park on an open site behind the Freeport.