MoU to be signed between Malta and India

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Tourists rejoice, love floats between the countries of culture.

The Indian cabinet has approved of signing a MoU for boosting tourism between Malta and India, things will get moving by India’s vice president M. Venkaiah Naidu on his visit to Malta.

The MoU between the two countries will benefit both of them equally and lead to a great boost in tourism for the countries, not only India has a huge population, most travelers from India are vacationers heading to Europe each year and has been looking for destinations other than the overpopulated tourist hubs. What malta offer in terms of culture and natural beauty is quite extensive and different compared to generic European destinations. Indians are very well looking forward to this change, and there would soon be Indian tourists flying into Malta and experience the Maltese culture.

For the Maltese tourists, there are very few destinations like India, in the entire world. India offers everything a tourist would want from an ideal destination. In India hotels and travel is very cheap compared to rest of the world and for as wide as a country like India, you would never run out of options to visit wonderful places and experience different cultures.

The MoU also makes transit through India and Malta, and, halts in both countries between flights, considerably easier after the MoU is signed. Travelers would now face much less hassle, and, be connected to many more destinations than they had access to, before the MoU. Both the countries are at the epitome of culture and are the most epic tourist destinations the world has to offer. It’s going to be a great experience for tourists from both the countries who are looking forward to an experience of a lifetime.