New seating area at Malta International Airport increases capacity by 10 per cent

Representational Image. Source: Wikimedia Commons

In a bid to increase the level of comfort and manage the crowd effectively, the Malta International Airport has opened another seating area near the departures.

This new seating area, which has been opened in place of a retail outlet, increases the passenger capacity by 10 per cent.

The step has been taken ahead of the August holiday season when Malta Airport sees increased activity. The area has been given a fresh look and design by using limestone.

There are two seating options available for the commuters keeping in mind the varying requirements. The business section comes equipped with charging points to allow passengers to get their work done as they wait at the airport.

It is expected that more space will be created for seating areas at the Malta Airport in the next 12 months to provide a comfortable experience to the passengers.

Apart from this, there is a plan for expansion of the terminal. The steps are being taken to provide a good experience to the people travelling to and from Malta which will then help the island country’s tourism sector.