The picturesque streets of Malta

Photo by Lee Dobson on Unsplash

There has been an upshift of filmmakers flying to Malta for inspiration and shooting movies, from around the world. From India, there’s an ongoing shoot for, Ali Abbas Zafar’s upcoming movie Bharat (meaning India in Hindi), starring some of India’s biggest stars including Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Disha Patani. The shooting has begun and they are shooting the second phase in Malta.

The three most important reasons for choosing Malta as shoot location were:

1. The picturesque scenery of Malta

Malta is well known across the world for its beautiful scenery accompanied by intricately handcrafted monuments and buildings. Malta is influenced by both Mediterranean and European culture, making it the only country where you can capture monuments influenced by designs from the world’s greatest architects from two different cultures working together.

2. The tourism authority of Malta offers financial and logistical support if producers promise to depict Malta as Malta. This support includes flights, stay, a fee waiver to government-owned places, and much more. There’s an additional waiver when producers employ native Maltese people instead of carrying their own crew. A really nice gesture from the Maltese government to support the country and its citizens.

3. Malta carries a low cost of staying and offers substantially better feel than most overly expensive European cities, plus, visa for Malta has fewer hassles compared to other countries in Europe.


Photo by Zbysiu Rodak on Unsplash

A major part of a country’s foreign revenue inflows through tourism, and we believe its genius to aid filmmakers in forms of financial aid. Malta already holds the crown across Europe for its culture and architecture, this smart move by the tourism authority will depict Malta as it actually is and many travelers heading to Europe wouldn’t miss a visit to such an amazing country. The scenes shown in films also hold an emotional attachment to the viewer, it would make it hard for them to skip Malta’s scenic locations if they have seen a movie filmed in Malta.

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