Malta has highest employment rate of recent graduates in EU: Report

Representational Image. Source: Unsplash by Esther Tuttle

According to the Europian Commission’s data accessed and interpreted by, the Maltese graduates are most likely to be employed in the EU.

The data found out that at 94.5 per cent, the island country has the highest employment rate of recent graduates in the European Union.

Germany, which comes second in the list, has an employment rate of 90.9 per cent, which is followed by the Netherlands at 90.4 per cent.

Czech Republic, Austria, Luxembourg, and Sweden have an employment rate of 89.5 per cent, 89.4 per cent, 88.5 per cent, and 88.3 per cent respectively.

The countries which performed the worst in this area are Greece, Italy, and Croatia with employment rates of 52 per cent, 55.2 per cent, and 65.9 per cent respectively.

“We’re not worlds away from achieving the average employment rate the Member States are striving for…. It is, therefore, encouraging for countries with lower rates, such as Greece, Italy and Croatia, who will hopefully utilise the comparable data to improve circumstances for their graduates,” Joseph Scott, spokesperson of was quoted as saying by Malta Today.

After all, investing in education across Europe will benefit us all. If we produce graduates who can make a success of their life, we can create a sustainable workforce of confident and competitive grads ready to overcome anything,” he added.